The Complete Pelican Shakespeare - Stephen Orgel, A.R. Braunmuller, William Shakespeare

I'll be having a class this fall devoted to Shakespeare so my study partner and I decided to get started this summer with MacBeth.  She is Chinese and hasn't read much Shakespeare so she didn't know the plot line at all.  I was very interested to see what she thought and was glad that she really enjoyed it.  I did too. I'm not giving the plot because I assume most readers of the English language know it. I don't know if I had ever sat and read it start to finish in one sitting. Because the plot is so familiar I could read fairly quickly and just enjoy the flow of the words.  No, plot lines are not Shakespeare's strong suit.  The plot is simple and it has holes.  Shakespeare is certainly not the master plotter that Ben Jonson is but I read Shakespeare for his words and his understanding of human character.  MacBeth and Lady MacBeth are quite a fascinating pair and the witches add a great air of creepiness.  The woods coming to Elsinore castle is fun.


People seem to love or hate Shakespeare.  I love him.  This particular edition had some interesting introductory notes to the play.  I'm looking forward to a full semester of this.