Drug Money - Brenda J. Carlton

This was an interesting story with an interesting plot. I enjoyed reading it in many way and I think this author has a lot to offer in creativity and imagination. The basic plot is that a family believes themselves to have been bilked out of a lot of money by the founder of an international drug company but needs the evidence to prove it. How they go about obtaining that evidence is the bulk of the story.

Somehow, this book kept me truly confused. Not the plot, the plot was easy to follow and interesting, but the book itself. I, from the description, had it in my head that this was a mystery. And yet there no mystery in it so I'm not sure what genre to put this in. At times it read like a technical manual on how drug companies operate and at other times it almost slipped into "Fifty Shades of Gray" territory. It was also a multi-generational family story with kids and strong family relationships but then there was a lot of cussing. The bad language threw me out of the story every time because it just didn't seem to fit this book. It seemed like it was just there for effect. There were also far too many threads going for my taste. I think it would be vastly improved by cutting out some of the story lines and tightening it up.

I think this author has a great future and the book showed a lot of promise but an editing eye would make it great.

The author supplied a copy of this to me free of charge through librarything and I truly appreciate the opportunity to read it.