Hiking Tennessee - Victoria Logue

My brother's family recently moved to Tennessee so we have become aware of how beautiful the state is. When I saw this book offered LibraryThing's giveaway program, I requested it immediately and was thrilled to get it. The book divides Tennessee into three sections, East, Middle and West. It has a chapter for each state park. It gives detailed information on the hiking trails in each, including what kind of terrain, difficulty and cautions. There are maps, there is lots of area information, there are phone numbers and hours. There is information about camping sites and other things to see in the area. If I lived in Tennessee, I think I would use this as a challenge to see how many of these hikes I could complete. Since I only get to visit, I'll be looking through this book to find the best ones for the limited time we are there. It looks like an invaluable resource for those living or spending time in Tennessee.