For years, in fact for 27 years, I’ve had a database on my computer organizing all the books I own.  Yes, that is going back pretty far into the history of home computer database programs.  I set up the database and other than having to move it from one program to another a couple of times, it’s pretty much the same as I set it up back then.  I list the title, author, category, publisher, length, etc. It’s the way I like it.  It’s worked perfectly for 27 years. For physical books.


Since I got my Kindle, things have changed.  Between buying more books because ebooks cost less, acquiring more books that  are listed for free, downloading classics from places like Gutenburg, using giveaway services like the one on LibraryThing and now using NetGalley, the amount of books I own is exploding!  As crazy as it sounds, I’ve acquired 6000 books in 6 months. 


So the dilemma. Do I attempt to add these to the database I’ve been using for years?  There are several fields, such as format, that would apply to ebook and not to physical books.  I don’t mind adding another field to my database but is there another way that works better for ebooks?  I don’t want to use an online program or website.  I like having this kind of data on my own computer whether I’m online or not. 


So, any suggestions on how you organize your ebooks?