Circle of Influence - Annette Dashofy

Henery Press is certainly on a roll with interesting, smart, readable mysteries.  Circle of Influence continues that roll.  It's not a cozy, it's a straight mystery.  It goes somewhere I didn't really need it to go.  But that only slightly lessened my enjoyment.  Overall, this is a very good read with a good plot and likeable characters.

The main characters are Zoe, an EMT and Pete, the police chief. After a very contentious city counsel meeting which ended with a shouting match between Jerry McBirney, Chairman of the town supervisors, and pretty much everyone else. Ted Bassi is particularly upset because McBirney has Ted's mother fired as police secretary.  Later in the evening when Ted is found dead in McBirney's car, everyone from Ted's wife Rose to Zoe herself are considered suspects.

The small town setting of this book ensures that there are a lot of overlapping relationships and deep dark secrets.  Zoe does keep information from the Pete that she should have turned over immediately and I don't care for that but she doesn't do it out of contempt for the police.  She has all the respect in the world for Pete and a growing romantic interest but she feels the need to protect another character.  The atmosphere is winter in Pennsylvania and Dashofy does a great job writing atmosphere that you can feel. Another plus for me is that there is no sign of a triangle!  If you don't mind your mysteries a little grittier than cozy, this is a good one.

Provided by Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.