Mercy Killing - Kathryn  Johnson

I'm not sure if I can explain this but it felt like everything that should be in a good book was there but it still wasn't a good book.  Not sure if that really makes sense.  I guess what I'm trying to say is it felt like someone said, "Let's throw in all the elements, beautiful woman, sexy bad boy, international intrigue, exotic setting, that should do it." Unfortunately, the execution just wasn't there.

Mercy is the name of the heroine so the book gets to have a clever title.  She is the gorgeous and talented-at-everything-she-touches type who's father was a Senator.  Hate her already?  Yeah, me too.  She is absolutely written as too perfect and too good to be true.  Having a flaw here or there would make her a little easier to like.  Her husband is a handsome diplomat who runs around on her and is a weasel.  Hate him already?  Yeah, me too.  Not one thing to like about him.  So you see the dilemma already.

The husband, Peter, is being sent to Mexico.  At the reception celebrating this, Mercy is approached by a shady character who eventually lets her know that her globe-trotting celebrity photojournalist mom is missing and if Mercy will help him get info on Mexican smugglers, he'll help her find her mom.

She gets to Mexico and starts sniffing around and there's the sexy bad boy and his super-sweet daughter and kidnappings and embassy parties and stuff like that. It became hard for me to care because Mercy was too perfect to be real and the idea that her celebrity mom would be missing for months with no one noticing was too hard for me to get past.  I felt no connection to anyone in the book, no atmosphere or emotion.  But I will say, it was well edited and proofread.  It was produced in a professional manner.

This was provided to me in exchange for a review through the Goodreads Early Reader program.