Pillow Stalk (Mad for Mod Mystery Series) - Diane Vallere

I'm actually a huge fan of Doris Day.  I have my DVR set to auto-record her movies.  What fun to find a cozy mystery series that celebrates her! 

I'm sure that sounds pretty cheesy but this series is not.  I had already read the second one in the series so I knew a little about where some of this was going but that did not change my enjoyment of the book.  It's a just a really fun concept and series.  Madison Night is an interior decorator specializing in mid-century modern which happens to be my favorite style of furniture and architecture also.  Yes, this series seems custom-written for me.  Madison has moved to Dallas to get away from a failed relationship and her decorating business is doing well.  She has a trick knee but she's coping with it and she has her dog Rocky.  Life seems fine until a string of murders involving Doris Day look-alikes brings her world crashing down. Her very competent and very attractive handyman seems to be involved somehow and the very competent and very attractive police lieutenant investigating her involvement seems to know more than he is saying.  It's a clever mystery with an ending I wasn't expecting but which did have clues sprinkled throughout.  There is good character building without it feeling it's all exposition.  A talented author creating a fun new series.

If there are flaws, they are the ones most mysteries have to have to play out.  A few too many coincidences.  Some times Madison keeps too much to herself and makes herself look foolish for not going to the police immediately. The seeming beginning of a love triangle.  These things seem to come up in most cozies. Even with these, I would recommend this to anyone who enjoys cozies.  I read them for fun and relaxation and this book and this series brings both.

Provided by Netgalley in return for an honest review.