I like to read series books in order.  My sister will pick up books in any order she can find them but I dislike running willy-nilly through a series.  I prefer order.  You may have noticed, however, that I went from the 3rd Charles Paris novel to the 6th.  I was sure I had them all on my shelf and it turned out that I do not own 4 and 5.   This disturbed me but I didn’t want to quit the series during the time it took me to find them so I went on to number 6 while deciding what to do about 4 and 5. 


The theme of a couple of posts before have been about the changing world of books and this one will pursue that theme also as I pursued these books. I was specifically looking for An Amateur Corpse and A Comedian Dies by Simon Brett.


The obvious way to get them was to buy them from a bookseller.  We do not have any booksellers in my town of 10000. The closest book store is an hour away in Joplin so we’ll just put that out of the picture for now.  I only get there about once every 3 months so that’s not a realistic way to get books. 


Online booksellers, such as Amazon or B&N would be the next thing.  I did check Amazon and the Kindle version of the book is available for 5.79.  All other versions were from used book sellers with copies starting at .01 and up.  Audio CD’s and the Audible version were available from 9.95 up.  At Barnes and Noble, the Nook version was 6.29.  The mass market paperback was listed at $12.95 and that ‘s definitely not a price I’m going to pay for a mass market paperback.  After that bit of research, the 5.79 Kindle version seemed the best buy but knowing I want to plunk down the money for the hardback version of his new book which has just come out, I thought I would look further.


My public library would seem to be the next option or maybe it should have come first.  But I have two problems with my library.  One, their catalog is not online so it requires walking in to find out what they have and two, I owe them a whopping big fine.  So for the moment, I passed on the library. (I will pay the fine next week.  The public library is the biggest bargain in the universe!)


That sent me to my online resources to try to find a copy of the book.  I have a Kansas State Library card which gives me access to OneClick digital audiobook collection, the Freading ebook collection, EBSCO book collection and 3M Cloud ebooks.  All of these have helped me in the past with books but none of them had An Amateur Corpse.  Frustrating!  It’s obviously too new of a book for Project Gutenburg  or Librivox which have  also been invaluable over the years. –+


I was afraid I was doomed to just having to skip two books in the series, which would leave me feeling that something was missing.  I decided to just do a general yahoo search for the book so see if I had somehow missed it somewhere and amazingly, something came up that I had never seen before. OpenLibrary!  How had I missed this site?


According to their front page “Open Library is an open, editable library catalog, building towards a web page for every book ever published.”  Suffice to say, I was signed up in 30 seconds and both  An Amateur Corpse and A Comedian Dies were available to borrow.  Now my orderly little heart can read these in the order they were meant to be read!  Yay!  They were downloadable in the Adobe Digital Editions format so easily readable. 


I am still planning to buy them in a physical copy because I do believe in paying authors for their work but now I can work it into my budget over time while still enjoying and spreading the word about what a great writer Simon Brett is. 


Isn’t technology amazing?