Gracious Living: Home Design for Your Future - Naomi Neville, E. Ashley Rooney, Dr Jill M Bjerke

This book is about the concept of aging in place, a concept we are dealing with very personally at our house. My mother-in-law, who has Alzheimer’s has moved in with us. While she is in pretty good health currently, she is 84 and losing her ability to reason and remember so modifying the house is something we think about a lot.

We have and are doing a lot of remodeling to accommodate her issues and this book is a great reminder of how these things should be done and what is actually necessary to make a home livable for those with issue to do aging or disability. The pictures are beautiful! It shows how much you can still keep the wonderful, warm cozy feeling of a home while adapting it to suit the needs of someone with mobility issues.

Why things are done the way they are done is laid out very well. Explanations of why you need certain adaptations are always given with the pictures. I’m getting many ideas that reinforce what I was already considering but show me how to do it gracefully, without the house looking like a nursing home. This is one book where I do find myself reading every page and every caption even though it could be used as a reference book.

It does focus mostly on new construction and less on remodeling but it does include some examples of renovated spaces and they are pretty amazing. I also appreciate that a lot of what they are saying doesn’t include extensive remodeling as much as thoughtful use of what you have such as making sure there are clear walkways through the house with no clutter in them and good lighting to prevent stumbles.

The chapters are The House, The Kitchen, Bedrooms, Bathrooms and Outdoor Spaces. The subtitle is Home Design for Your Future. I really enjoyed this one and will highly recommend it to anyone with concerns about these issues.

I received this through Netgalley and appreciate the opportunity to read and review it.