You know the one with .25 books?  Yes, that one.  Here's what I came away with. 


Patricia Cornwell-Hornet's Nest


Patricia Cornwell-All that Remains


Faye Kellerman-Gun Games


Marcia Muller-Burn Out


Michael Crichton-Pirate Latitudes


Michael Crichton-The Terminal Man


One issue of Alfred Hitchcock's Mystery Magazine


Mary Higgins Clark-The Second Time Around


Mary Higgins Clark-We'll Meet Again


Mary Higgins Clark-No Place Like Home


Most are really nice hardbacks.  I've not reach much Patricia Cornwell or Faye Kellerman or any Marcia Muller.  I'm a fan of Michael Crichton.  Mary Higgins Clark is one of my secret vices.  I love my public library.