Steam City Pirates - Jim Musgrave

I so wanted this book to be good.  The cover is beautiful and intriguing.  The blurb sounds very cool.  All my friends are into steampunk. But no.  And I should have known better because I had really not enjoyed the other book I had read in this series.  It's a shame but this just really misses the mark with me.

The premise is that a group of really diverse and, dare I say it, weird friends work together as detectives to try to stop something they think is going to happen in the future.  They do this with the help of a 12 year old boy who can fly, become invisible and is half angel.  I should have stopped right there.  He is a mazikeen.  And that word, in italics just like that, is used over and over.  Drove me crazy. I've said in other reviews that foreign words in italics should be kept to a minimum or they are just a distraction.  And this word was.  We also have the madame with the heart of gold, the Irish detective with a very strong dialect and a mystical Jewish rabbi.  Was I wrong in saying weird?  I don't think so.  The mazikeen can see into the future but just a little bit. Enough to tell them something bad is coming.  The group wants to stop this bad thing and luckily they have a time machine in the basement of the Jewish temple.  Now, I could go on but what would be the point?  I think you see the issues here.

One of the strong issues is that you need to have read all the other books in the series or so much of this is even more nonsensical than it would be otherwise. There are constant references to other characters and other plots that I hadn't read.  Not really suited to be a stand-alone, definitely meant to be read in order. 

I'll say this about it.  It's well proofread.  These days that's enough to get it 2 stars from me.  The truly bizarreness of the rest of it just leaves me shaking my head.

I received this from the author and from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.