The Dead Side of the Mike - Simon Brett

The Dead Side of the Mike  is the sixth Charles Paris mystery by Simon Brett.  This one is set with BBC radio as the background.  I find the the ones set with the BBC or ITV to be much lighter in feel than the ones set in the Theater.  I enjoy them a little bit more for that reason.


Charles has been given a job doing a program on Swinburne for BBC radio and, of course, goes to the BBC Club to drink immediately after it's over.  While drinking with friends there, he gets roped into being part of a committee to discuss making Features like they use to when radio was the king of entertainment.  Through the course of all this he meets several young and ambitious employees and then finds one of them dead.  Apparently, a suicide.  Being Charles Paris, he has to investigate.


The ensuing mystery involves a trip to New York (his first) and a behind the scenes look at the music business.  He spends time with Frances, his almost divorced wife, and goes on a treasure hunt. 


The mystery was a good one.  I didn't figure it out until he did.  The way he pursues the mystery is fun and the description of his trip to New York is very interesting.  This is the pure entertainment of a whodunnit.  Charles is smart and witty and the minor characters are very well drawn.  You can picture each one of them as if you had seen them in person.  An excellent entry in one of my favorite series.