Bayonets of the First World War - Claude Bera, Bernard Aubry

I wanted to read this book because my son is a military history nut.  He can talk to me all day about the types of weapons that were used in different wars and I thought maybe I could learn something from this book so I could have an intelligent discussion with him.  I was right.  This book is not only lavishly illustrated but has very interesting military facts from WWI.  It seems that we spend more time in classes on WWII and WWI gets a little lost so I enjoyed this a lot.

Bayonets are a very specialized field of weaponry and like any specialized field, when you really delve into it, there is so much to know!  It's more info than some people will want but it was great with a military-history nut like my son.  This book isn't for everyone but for fans of military history, it's a hit!

This book was provided by Netgalley and I appreciated the opportunity to read and review it.