Disappearing Act (Rapid Reads) - Dayle Campbell Gaetz

I liked this little book.  It's no "War and Peace" and at this time in my life, a little book suits me just fine.  It really is a novella rather than a novel.  I enjoyed that it was small and easy to carry around so I could read it when I had a few minutes without it weighing down my purse.  Sometimes a quick, easy read is just what you need.

That story isn't very deep since the book is short but I found it enjoyable.  It centers around Leena who had walked away from her family and disappeared a few years ago.  That idea intrigues me because I think it should be hard for someone to just disappear.  As it turns out, she really didn't disappear and her sister finds her easily enough when she needs her.  Leena is "almost" a private detective, having taken classes on line to be one.  I found that interesting too.  

As Leena investigates for her sister, the story moves quickly but I found the atmosphere to be believable and the characters to be likeable which is important to me.  I'll be happy to read more in the future about Leena and I won't mind if they are short, like this one, or full length.  

I received this book through Librarything's Early Reviewer Program.