The Story of Princess Olivia: Wherein an Optimistic Slip of a Girl Brings Sunshine Into the Lives of Her Royal Parents, the Whiny King and the Scolding Queen, and Outsmarts the Despicable Count Carlos Maximillion Von Dusseldorf (with Two S's) and His M... - Charles Egbert

I requested this book in a Librarything giveaway because it looked like something I might read to my granddaughters some day and it is, so I was not disappointed.  This would make a fun bedtime story.  It would probably take 2 nights. I reminds me very much of the kind of thing I use to make up for my daughter when she was growing up.

It's about a Princess and her very poor parents.  It's set in Vermont so that's kind of different. It has all the elements of a fairy tale while incorporating New England ideas.  I think this is one of those books that children will be hearing different than the adults that are reading it to them.  Adults will pick up on the use of modern elements while the kids will just be hearing a fairy tale.  I think that makes it more interesting for adults who to their kids a lot as I did. 

The story itself is simplistic and easy to read and understand.  A Princess, wanting to help her parents, gets kidnapped by the bad guy with the help of his fairy.  Her parents and a wandering prince come to her rescue but in the end, she ends up saving herself.  If you object to parents being shown in a less than perfect light, you won't like this. They come across much sillier than their daughter.  But I thought it was fun and I will read it to the kids in a few years when they are a little older.

My copy was provided through the Librarything EarlyReviewers program in exchange for an honest review.