Boca Undercover: Volume 4 (The Dirty Harriet Mystery Series) - Miriam Auerbach

This book turned out to be a pleasant surprise.  When I started reading it I had the feeling that it was going to turn into a wacky hi-jinks caper and that's definitely not my favorite type of mystery.  But the further I went, the more better it was and the more I liked it. The wacky hi-jinks did not materialize.  Lesson to self, always give a book a fair try.

This is Dirty Harriet's fourth adventure but I wasn't lost at all by not having read the previous 3.  This can be read as a stand-alone without losing anything.

Harriet, who use to be a trophy wife and is now a PI, has been called by a friend to check out some mysterious deaths at a high-end rehab clinic. Teens have been dying and so Harriet checks herself in under an assumed name and begins investigating.  She has an unusual circle of helpful friends with various skills and she calls on them regularly.  The solution is an unusual one and one that I haven't seen before which is great, considering how many mysteries I've read. 

Harriet turns out to be a likeable character and so do all her friends.  That's important to me.  The only thing that ended up bothering me was her sarcasm toward normal things and people.  It reminded me a bit of Kinsey Millhone and that is the one thing I dislike about Kinsey also.  Harriet makes a lot of rude remarks about people who watch television and I'm guessing that the majority of her readers watch some television.  I could just do without the patronizing tone toward those who do normal things on a normal basis.  Other than that, this is an enjoyable mystery with a interesting ending. 

I received this book from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.