Mission to Murder - Lynn Cahoon

This is the good kind of American cozy mysterye. The kind that's light but not fluffy. The kind that has romance but it doesn't overwhelm the story.  The kind that gives you clues but doesn't give up all its secrets right away. It has fun and friendship and family and bad guys and unexpected good guys. 

I met this cast of characters in Guidebook to Murder, the first in this series.  They've come along nicely in this second book.  Jill, the owner of Coffee, Books and More is has started dating Greg, the chief detective of South Cover, a tourist town on the California coast.  Her kooky aunt, her best friend Amy, and Toby, the part-time cop, part-time barrista are all back in good form.

As Jill is attempting to verify that the old wall found in her back yard is the original Spanish mission to the area, she runs into opposition from Craig who is the manager of The Castle, the biggest historical attraction in town.  He doesn't want business or tourism dollars diverted away from his site.  When he's found dead, Jill looks like a pretty good suspect. As with all good cozy heroines, she must set out to prove her innocence.

The only nit-pick I have with this book is that I do think the cop-boyfriend lets her into the case a bit too much.  Just didn't ring true sometimes.  And as with most cozy heroines, she gets warned by said cop-boyfriend to stay out of the case but just can't do it.  If she didn't pursue it, there wouldn't be a book I guess so there's probably no way around that one. These are my only complaints with a book that gave me much enjoyment to read and I'm ready to start book number 3.

I received this book from Netgalley and appreciate opportunity to give it an honest review.