Better You Go Home - Scott  Driscoll

     This book is different than what I normally read but I requested it in a LibraryThing giveaway because of it's setting in the Czech Republic. My family is Czech and we recently visited Prague and the small town my family came from so this interested me. The story itself takes some getting use to. I felt that I had come into the middle of the story with little explanation and was supposed to figure out quite a bit of it for myself. It involves the main character traveling to the Czech Republic to look for his half sister whom he had just recently found out about. He's in need of a kidney transplant and is hoping she will be willing to help him.
      There is a lot of convoluted family history that you have to figure out without many clues, there is a lot of history of the Nazi and Soviet occupations that is not clearly explained so you need to be fairly secure in your knowledge of these time periods of history. It kept me reading and the story lines intrigued me but I think a little more clarity would have made this a much better book.