Reading has certainly made some dramatic changes in the last few years, or more accurately, I should say that books have made some dramatic changes in the last few years.  Growing up there was only one way to read a book. Hold a book made of paper in your hands, read, turn the page, read some more. What an array of options we have today!  

I’m guessing for most of us holding a physical book is still our favorite way to read but I really do love my Kindle.  I also read books on my laptop.  Each of those is a different experience.  A Kindle can approximate the feel of a paper book but it’s really not the same.  Reading on a laptop isn’t even close, though it’s still an enjoyable experience sometimes.  

I also love audio books but again,  not anything like holding and reading a physical book.  So how do you choose?

Sometimes it comes down to what’s available at the time.  I use my personal library and the public library to for physical books as well as having won some on Goodreads.  Since I bought my Kindle, I’ve certainly gotten many books from Amazon (I love to see what they have for free each day!) and I’ve gotten a number of interesting ones from librarything giveaways and from author giveaways.  I’ve also just started using Netgalley.  I use my state library site (Kansas State Library) to get audio books as well as my public library. So when I want to read a certain book, I sometimes only can get it in one format or another.

Sometimes it comes down to where I will be reading.  If I’m traveling, I want ebooks or audio books on my Kindle.  If I’m home and relaxing, I want a physical book. Íf I’m mowing the yard, an audio book is the only option.  

If I have my choice, I’m going to pick a good physical book and read it curled up on the couch.  But in the absence of ideal circumstances, I’ll take a book anyway I can get it!