Star Trap - Simon Brett

Charles Paris, my favorite chronically out of work actor, is offered a job!  In a big budget commercially viable play!  With a nine-month run scheduled!  Of course, there’s a catch.  Gerald Venables, his friend and a backer of the play, thinks someone is trying to sabotage it and he wants Charles to investigate from the inside and protect his investment. Being perpetually broke, Charles takes the job.

The play is a revamped version of She Stoops to Conquer headlined by a beloved comedic tv star.  What could go wrong?  Apparently, a bit of everything.  There are accidents from the first week of rehearsal on.  Charles has to investigate and decide if they really are accidents or if they really are sabotage.

The main theme of this book is the price of stardom.  What are people willing to do to get it and how far they will go to keep it.  Is rising to the top worth killing for?

This book held my interest from start to finish.  Like the  first 2 Charles Paris mysteries, the Theater is as important as the characters.  It interested me enough that I did a little research on She Stoops to Conquer which I have never read.  I’d love to see it performed!  But I’d really want Charles Paris in the cast!