I'm 51 and I've been reading since I was very small.  I'll bet a lot of the members here have been reading longer than that.  I've been dedicated to reading and it's been my most constant friend and hobby.  I've catalogued very few of my books here yet because I just haven't taken the time to go back through and catalogue things from the past, just mainly listing here the stuff I'm reading now. I couldn't begin to guess how many thousands of books I've devoured through my years and again, I'm sure there are members here who are far ahead of me. 


So here's the rant part.  The last thing I need from anyone is them telling me that a book is a "must-read" or to tell me "what you should be reading now."  Frankly, I find it insulting whether it's from a magazine, website, publisher, bookseller, blogger, publicist or anyone else in the entire world.  I am quite capable, and I believe the vast majority of readers out there, are capable of deciding what they want to read,  So tell me how "must read" something is just ensures that it will probably be off my TBR list.  So my declaration to all those who think they know better than us common readers is "Shut up and quit telling me what to read."  Rant over.  Thank you.