Murder Checks Inn - Tim Myers

Ok, so cozy mysteries may not be "serious literature" but there are lots of times in my hectic life that Murder Checks Inn is a lot more of what I need than War and Peace.


The Lighthouse Mysteries are heavily built on characters rather than intricate plots and difficult mysteries. The characters are likeable!  Thank you, Tim Myers! I'm very tired of  books where everyone is dislikeable, even the supposed heroes.


In this third book of the series, Alex's uncle, who has moved back to the area recently, is found murdered.  Said uncle was a lawyer and about to deal with a very controversial will so suspects abound. The death also brings Alex's brother, who has washed his hands of the lighthouse and the inn, back to Hatteras West.


Again, light and fun are the words to describe this series.  Relaxing and enjoyable.  That seems to be exactly what I need these days.