Innkeeping with Murder - Tim Myers

Innkeeping With Murder is the best kind of light and fluffy cozy mystery. The kind that has heart to go along with the fun.

The proprietor, Alex, runs an inn in the mountains of North Carolina that is an exact replica of the Cape Hatteras lighthouse. Finding the dead body of his most regular guest at the top of the lighthouse may not be particularly good for business, which isn’t all that good to begin with. While it seems that most people are willing to accept that the elderly gentleman died of natural causes, Alex doesn’t think so and determines to find out what happened.

The idea of a lighthouse in the mountains may seem an odd premise but it doesn’t get silly or outlandish. In fact, if it were a real inn, I’d be booking my next vacation there. The whole place sounds comfy and relaxing. It feels as if it belongs exactly where it is.

The strength of this book, however, is the characters. They felt like real, three-dimensional people from page one. And they feel like people I want to know. Alex the owner, Elise the housekeeper, Mor the fix-it man, the cast of characters in the village, all people you’d like to meet again. I felt like I had made a new circle of friends.

It’s light, it’s fluffy, it’s easy to read, it won’t tax your brain. A great little escape when you need to get away from real life for a while.