"N" is for Noose - Sue Grafton

When N is for Noose begins, Kinsey is just leaving Dietz at his home, having helped him recover from his knee surgery.  She is driving up to a small town in the mountains to talk to a potential client referred to her by Dietz.  The client’s husband died recently and while it appears to be a natural death of a heart attack, she wants to know what was bothering him the last six weeks of his life.  

The description of behavior in a small town when an outsider starts asking questions may be a bit more extreme than what I think it realistic but not too far off the mark.  The atmosphere gets very creepy very quickly as Kinsey digs deeper into the case.  People want her to stop and they make that clear.

The ending is satisfying and I actually didn’t see it coming as quickly as I did with some of the earlier Kinsey mysteries.  This one is much more of a page-turner than the last few have been!