The After House - Michael Phillip Cash

The cover of this book is so beautiful and so intriguing.  Unfortunately, it all goes down hill after that. 

I'm not sure exactly what this book is trying to be.  Is it horror?  Cause it's not scary or even creepy.  Is it romance?  Cause there is no chemistry.  Is it a mystery?  Cause there could only be one person that is causing the mischief.  It's just a badly written book. 

The plot line is that a recently divorced mother of one, Remy,  moves into a house haunted by a long-dead sea captain.  Her ex is a jerk but she is determined to take the high road. Some annoying things happen to her along the way, evidently they were supposed to be attempts on her life but they were all just juvenile delinquent stuff.  She meets a guy and I won't go further in case someone is planning to read this.

The book is a hot mess.  Remy's emotions and reactions swing like a pendulum.  There are pop culture references that feel very out of place.  Cliches abound.  What this reminds me of is when I write a paper and I think it's pretty good. Then I take it to my professor for a conference and he tells me everything that's wrong with it so I rewrite it.  After you do this two or three times, a decent paper emerges.  This book needed a smart and tough editor.  Maybe something good could have emerged.  As it is, well, it least the characters' names remained consistent through the story.

I received this from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.