The Grub-And-Stakers Move a Mountain - Charlotte MacLeod, Alisa Craig

Charlotte MacLeod, writing here as Alisa Craig, is one of my take-to-a-desert island authors so you can expect a gushing review from me for this book and you'll get it. It's warm, it's witty, it's fun, it extremely well-written, it's cozy but my favorite word to describe her writing is gentle. This is a gentle mystery.

Dittany Henbit is a member of the Lobelia Falls Grub-and-Stakers as is everyone else in town. Archery is the main interest of the club but they do all kinds of civic duties when called up. Dittany, a professional typist, is up on a mountain which has been donated to the city as a preserve when she encounters a new employee of the water department, very strange since there is no water run up onto the mountain, and then the manager of the water department, very dead.

As the mystery develops, we meet a lot of the town folk and they are of the wacky yet lovable variety. I appreciate that even when presented as slightly weird, they are still treated with respect. We all have odd-ball friends and that's who some of these people feel like. Alisa Craig loves to use an interesting vocabulary. It comes across as almost Victorian at times but in a way that's fun, not old-fashioned. And very easy to read. I particularly love the Scottish police chief and his phraseology.

For me, this book and anything by Alisa Craig or Charlotte MacLeod is like getting home after a hard day and putting on your warm fuzzy pajamas to watch your favorite old movie. Just comfort and relaxation. Everything's going to be all right in the end and you're going to have a good time getting there.